Friday, March 13, 2009

Be Logical

If you want to get a couple of salespeople flapping their gums at each other, ask them when the right time to talk price. An old sales "rule" says you shouldn't give the price until you've revealed all the dazzling features and benefits. It's like considering the price of a car. If someone wants to sell you a car for $20,000, you don’t know if it’s a great deal until you drive it, learn about all its options, and experience its quality. Twenty grand would be a great price for a new German import, but a terrible deal for an old Yugo with 200,000 miles on it, assuming any Yugo ever made it that far.
The thing is, withholding the price may be an acceptable approach for some types of sales, but not necessarily yours. Don't adhere to certain sales "rules" just because that's the way others have done it. As you try to snag your first customer, some things you hear and read will strike you as illogical. You’ll be advised to do things a certain way because they’ve always been done that way. But that doesn’t make them right for you. You may hear about various closing techniques that can help you land your first customer.
Look for the logic in things. If something doesn’t seem logical to you, examine it closely no matter how many so-called experts tell you otherwise. It may not be the right approach, at least in that particular situation. You find yourself in the position you are today—starting a company—because you have desire and smarts. Believe in yourself before you believe in anyone else. If something that I’ve written here doesn’t make sense in your situation, then question it closely. It may not ever make sense for you. Suspect any advice that presents itself as being the right choice in any case. With the exception of being truthful, there’s no such thing.

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