Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't just sit there

Like a pot of water that you want to boil, a phone that’s stared at will not ring.

Unless you start your company knowing that you already have a customer waiting for you, you will have to generate some leads someplace. It's better to pick your first prospects rather than wait for them to pick you. Here are two good reasons:

  1. Even if you think differently, you may not be quite ready for them when your prospects think they’re ready for you. If someone calls you on the phone to inquire about the doodad you want to sell, they probably have something specific in mind. Their vision of a doodad may be quite unlike the doodad you have. You don't yet offer all the bells and whistles they’re looking for. Do not hang up on them, though. You should listen to them to develop a better picture of what the marketplace is seeking. You could use those early callers to hone your message.
  2. If you initiate the sales call, you'll be less likely to be compared to your competition. Because you are calling them, they may not even realize they have a need, let alone that you offer a solution. (Unless you are selling toilet paper, most people do not buy what you are selling so much because they need it but because they want it.) Therefore, when you initiate the conversation, the prospect is unlikely to be sitting at her desk with a spreadsheet that lists all the plusses and minuses of your service compared to the competition. She may not even be able to identify the competition. As a result, your size and newness is less likely to be a concern. As far as the prospect knows, based on how you present your message, you are the standard in your business, even though your company is only about five minutes old.

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